Have I confused you with information that you have a hard time processing? Bear with me while further explain.

We concluded the chapter about a universal brain with these words: “Experience is born in a timeless dimension and brought into the world by interconnected series of events that continued to experience being long before and long after our temporal existences became evident and actual. Ultimately, we are the experience and the experience is eternal. 

“Memory is a tool of awareness, a process that continually blinks in and out of existence with observation and relationship to other temporal events. Our world and universe is the physical counterpart of an infinite experience that never began and will never end.”

We can think of it this way: all time exists in the NOW. The fact that we view time as a continuous progression does not make it so. What we see is from our viewpoints in the dimensions we perceive, which is only one of many ways to scan existence.

For example: think of the universe and all the time and events contained therein as a television broadcast network that contains many trillions upon trillions of individual channels and stations. All the information that is broadcast already exists, but the tuner isolates one particular program, one particular set of frequencies, and we see a continuous program. That is what the world and our lives are in a simple analogy.

Consciousness is the tuner and the broadcast comes from zero dimension. Unlike television, there is no script nor writers and no schedule of events. Events and actions exist in potentiality until they are realized and made actual. The essence of the information is composed of vibrational waves like digitized pictures in computer code. Our personal tuners filter out anything other than what pertains to us. Our electrical fields and currents have interference patterns when they encounter one another.

The only reason that we are not someone else is because our personal ‘tuners’ or ‘self’ filters out the rest of the events and our unconscious deals only with that which it has experienced and felt in our dimensional actuality.

The NOW is always current in several senses of the word. It exists in the present and is only palpable when the current is flowing. When the current is not flowing we have a blank screen with no visible information. Like a television channel, we are limited to what is filtered for us and by us. A memory exists only as a thought and a remembrance. We cannot physically revisit the exact time and space of the recalled event because we have no access to the currents actualized in that time and space.

This does not mean the events are forever lost and stilled. They have made physical changes in our material world. What we are, in essence, is not the event, but the current itself that in the infinite zero dimension contains all that ever was and all that ever can be. All events and all time is in the NOW. They become actualized through the collapse of the infinite fields of probability into one course of action, a material decision that sends the flowing currents that define us into a particular arrangement and negates the other probabilities.

These other probabilities are not forever destroyed in this negation. They continue to be probabilities, as nothing is gained or lost in the zero dimension. The universe is eternal and recurring, so in the vast expanse of infinite time, other probabilities likely become actuated. Instead of a multiverse, we find multiple dimensions and multiple viewpoints existing within our own universe. We need only one world with infinite probability and multiple dimensions to create all that is and is yet to be and bring it into eventual actualization.

Our nightly dreams are considered unreal because they have not effected a major change in our material universe. Who we are in our dreams is formed of the same current that we are when we are awake, but in different patterns and dimensional viewpoints. We are the wispy ghosts of experiential beings, the products of the informational data that created us and brought us into an actual world.




Kenneth Harper Finton

by Kenneth Harper Finton ©2014


When I was very young, I did not know the world.

The world made itself known to me quite gradually,

in small steps that I can now only imagine.

I cannot remember these steps.

They happened before memory was born.

I felt these steps.

Discomfort was a feeling that I learned quickly to correct.

My first feelings were those untenable positions

which caused me to turn away from irritation

into a position of familiarity and contentment.

I kicked and moved to find my snugness

not knowing or caring that my attempt to find relief caused pain to another.

The experience of the world of the womb was lost to me.

The world was making itself known, but I knew nothing of the world.

I knew nothing about myself for I was not a self.

I was as close to bring nothing as I have ever…

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