Today I Weep for my Own Ignorance


Originally written by and posted on whoknowswhenwhat:



Today I weep for my own ignorance,

I cradle myself in the warmth of my own embrace,

I bandage my own wounds with a loving, tender touch,

I sing myself soothing words just to ease the pain–

For if I can’t be compassionate to myself,

How can I be compassionate toward anyone else?

Confusion, suffering- they cannot be fully dissipated without the light of wisdom.

However, until the hour of knowledge dawns upon this being,

A love that is so often directed outwards,

Will now be directed inwards,

In order to soften the sharp blades of the stabs rendered behind the veil.

Surrender to love my dear,

To a love that encompasses all that you do not understand,

And all that you believe harms you.

Give it up, my dear,

Your persistent battle with the mind that can never be won.

A mind that is lovingly caressed, accepted and embraced,

Will with time, agree to bid you a farewell,

And reveal the secrets of that dazzling goldmine within.

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