by Hannah Miles  ©2014




Self-compassion is the garden

that I’m tending tenderly,

nourishing the roots and shoots

of all that makes up me.

It’s time to rake things over,

to unearth the weeds and stones,

uprooting the lies that held me back

and worked me to my bones.

I’m shaking loose the soil

that became so dry and dead;

as I shake loose those clumps of doubt,

that overtook my head.

If others ask for nurture,

I provide with tools and seeds.

so why not turn to my own ground

and work through all my needs?

The season’s come to cultivate

a growing sense-of-self:

to celebrate, and sow into,

my happiness and health.

I’m pulling out the poison plants

and germinating care.

I want to harvest sustenance,

not fears that just ensnare.

I’ll water each new truth in deep,

with streams of gentle peace.

I’ll sit and soak within the flow,

and let self-hatred cease.

For here within life’s garden

self-compassion creates room.

It slows the pace, and clears out space

For me to boldly bloom.



Hannah loves studying textiles and design. She says: “I use words to explore, grapple, discover and remind myself of the wonder of being alive. I love to write long letters to people and decorate the envelopes all bright and fun to surprise the postman. Basically, I hope to make people smile or, failing in that, to at least make myself smile.


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